Done it Again Ando

Was it the pass, or the legs, or the laugh from the tall guy, or the shine on Townso’s head.  Dunno, but we made it to the front page of NRL Masters Website Again….  Visit NRLMasters to see more


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Wombats Famous Again

The Premier Masters Team has again been chosen to help market the ARL Masters.  The Wombats adorn the front page of the official newsletter.  Ando in full flight as the centrepiece.  Recruitment has started for next year and any willing or unwilling participants should contact Cyril on jasontownsend @


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2013 Was a Hard Year…


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soaking up the pains after game 4.



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2013 & Wombats are still famous

We have been chosen as the feature image on the NRL masters site again!

Event Information has us as the big pic, well done Williams Valley Wombats, once again photogenic



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ARL Masters – Gold Coast 2013

Thanks again to Cyril’s good work, we have a team announced, but could use a few more players.  Over 35, live on or near the Gold Coast and would like to join a top crew.  The Wombats need you.

Call Tully on 0417 794 669 for a chat and read more about the 2013 ARL Masters Here

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hi All,

Last update and some important times for this year’s Masters.

Firstly some bad news. As per previous years we’ve overspent by about $500, due mainly to the airfares averaging $195 instead of the budgeted $150. So to offset this i’m going to have to hit all the “flyers” up for an extra $25. Other than that everything else is on track (I think).

So here goes with an rough itinerary;

Wednesday 7/3/12

11:30am               Bus to airport leaves Bank Hotel Dungog (price not included $25)

1:30pm                 Final check-in time for Newcastle to Brisbane flight

2:00pm                 Newcastle to Brisbane flights departs

2:10pm                 Arrive in Brisbane (must be a super jet)

4:00pm                 Check in at Grand Hotel

4:30pm                 Depart for Masters registration and welcoming dinner 9those that aren’t there on Wednesday can register on the day they arrive)

Thursday 8/3/12

11:30am               Bus leaves for ground

1:00pm                 1st game vs Dalby Diehard Legends

2:30pm                 2nd game vs Norfolk Mutineers (I have heard on the grapevine that Brian’s going to take that guy out that was in the paper. A bit of jealously I think)

4:00pm                 Bus leaves ground for the Grand

7:00pm                 Dinner at a yet to be selected restaurant (pay for your own drinks)

Friday 9/3/12

8:30am                 Light training run  (just joking – more like a check to make sure everyone’s still alive)

10:00am               Bus leaves for ground

10:45am               3rd game vs Middlemount Panthers Old Boys

12:15pm               4th game vs St Doms Old Boys

2:00pm                 Bus leaves ground for the Grand

5:30pm                 Bus leaves Grand for Tullys place (venue of this year’s BBQ)

Saturday 10/3/12

9:30am                 Bus leaves for ground

10:00am               5th game vs Jamberoo Greyroos

10:50am               Bus leaves ground for Grand

11:30am               Bus leaves Grand for races (I have 6 free entry’s and unless we cop a parking fine or have a crash we should be good to get everyone in $0)

6:00pm                 Bus from races back to ground for farewell dinner and prize draw

Sunday 11/3/12

9:00am                 Checkout of Grand – meet in Foyer

9:15am                 Bus leaves for Brisbane airport

11:25am               Brisbane to Newcastle flight departs

1:40pm                 Arrive in Newcastle (just what you want, a long flight home)

2:15pm                 Bus leaves Newcastle airport for Dungog

3:15pm                 Arrive at Bank Hotel Dungog (as long as we don’t stop at C/Town pub on the way home)

Well there it is, everything subject to change and nothing compulsory, but I do suggest that you make the flight times and try and get to the games.

If anyone’s wondering where the gear is, it’s going to up at the registration when we get there (I hope).

There’s not long now and to steal the lines form the immortal “Big Kev”;

I’M EXCITED and i’m sure everyone else is as well.

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ARL Masters 2012

It’s that time of the year again where I’ll start to bombard you with emails that some may find interesting and informative, whilst others may find annoying. If you don’t already know the ARL Masters is on again this year, with the Wombats looking to pick up their 1st prize for 5 years participation. This year’s carnival is on from Wednesday 7th March and concludes on Saturday 10th March. So the first thing that needs to known is who’s going. There should be 3 categories.

  • You definitely are
  • You definitely are not
  • You want to, but need more time to make a decision (we don’t want many of these if any)

Whatever category you fall into you will need to let me know ASAP so we know where we stand personnel wise. This will also help out with the accommodation which will need to be booked in early October to secure the required rooms.

I can’t really put an exact cost on the trip just yet as it will depend on varying factors, but if you allow for around $550 – $600 for person requiring airfares/ accommodation etc it will be no more. There are a couple of rule changes this year for the football which I have attached for your perusal.

The main changes are as follows:

1.  The age groups have changed slightly, as follows:

35 to 49 years – white shorts

50 to 59 years – red shorts

60 years & over – gold shorts

2.  Players who elect not to wear red or gold must now wear white shorts.  Most sports which have Masters have coloured shorts for easy identification, so rugby league is falling into line with this world-wide trend.  If teams have already ordered normal club shorts for next year, that will be OK but if not, teams should order white shorts.

3.  Kicking is only allowed on the last tackle.

4.  There are no kicks at goal.

If you know of anyone  else that may be interested in going that I don’t have on the email list, feel free to pass this onto them, but remember to stress that we need an answer sooner rather than later.

I hope to be hearing from you all soon.

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Wombats Make front Page on ARL Masters

Have a look, well done Wal and the boys….must be a good looking bunch





Only their mothers could love em

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Vote on Next Years Jumpers

If you think that this years Jerseys are the best we have ever worn, and of course are Blue and represent our District bloody well when we play in Queensland next year, put a comment below and I will send to the powers that be. Meself, it was the first time I had played in the blue jumper of NSW in a match in Queensland since the Police cadets of NSW played the Qld Police cadets in the opening game before Queensland V NSW in 1977 at Lang Park.

The home of the Blues, Williams Valley. Yep. And, I use JR as the model for obvious reasons….

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