First Games for 2011.

Well the Masters started with a win.  Our first game against Singleton was won 5 tries to 4.  A great effort from this years large playing group and watching the two Townsend brothers cut them up, backing each other up the middle.  It certainly helps in the heat of the Gold Coast.  3 injuries from the first game, Bob Berry did a hammy and may not be back on the field, another hammie and an ankle to others, but not as serious.  Score 16 -12 for the wombats

Ando, Pies and JR all got through in one piece and the win made us put a call in to the Mythbusters TV show, who were coming over to Australia to test the theory that we can’t win without Codo.

Sorry Codo, this one is busted.

Game 2 saw us go in against the Belconnen team, which included the likes of David Barnhill (Ex ST George and Austalian forward).  They came out of the blocks and quickly had two tries down the left wing and converted them.  The Wombats fought back however, and a strong performance from the Patterson boys and the rest of the forwards and backs.  Being an old Dragons Tragic, I took great pleasure getting up close to Mr Barnhill and putting him on the ground once (nicely that is). We lost this one, but only just 18 to 14.

So Day 1, 1 Win and 1 Loss and 3 games coming up tomorrow so the boys have retired to the bottom bar at the Grand Hotel for anaesthetics and tactical debriefing..

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