Games 3 to 6 2011

Sorry for the delay, the editor retired from game 4 with a dislocated shoulder and its been a bit tough typing for a couple of days.  The Wombats had their second win in the first game on field 1 on Friday and then went into a match playing a mob of idiots who were trying to win the first grade grand final and ensure that they sent someone home in a box.  Well, they partly succeeded but the Wombats stood up to this lot and a formal complaint was made as to not in the spirit of the game, and aparently there were previous complaints.

The Squad 2011

Game 3 on Friday arvo was tough, hot and humid and we went down.  Then as usual, there was a great fun friendly on Saturday morning for our last match and we lent a few turn coats to the Gorillas who didnt have a full team.  Amazing try scoring feats by Brian and great try assists by Cyril.  Artie turned up from the massage tent ready for the game after it finished and we are still trying to find Bob Berry?

all up a great year, 3 wins, and everybody could at least walk home.  It was great from my perspective to see some young old faces like Dewy, meet a few of the Paterson and Stroud boys and a particular thanks to Jason Townsend, who does a hell of a lot of work putting this together to make it a successful team and trip.  Someone buy him a beer for me please….  couple of early photos on the right, click to view, and more coming thanks to Lisa…. and thanks for the jumper Shane and Jason, much appreciated,.

And this years award for most stylish shorts goes to…… Troopy.

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