Record Playing Squad Numbers for 2011

?Another update on what’s been happening and what’s planned.
First and foremost the Masters is definitely still on. That part of Queensland was not affected by the recent flooding. That’s the official word from the ARL. The Wombats will, this year have record representation at the Masters, with 31 Players & Officials attending. Our teammates (in no particular order) are;
Andrew Taylor (P), Anthony Martin (P), Barry Clifton (P), Bob Berry (P), Brad Gallaway (P), Brett Gallimore (P), Brian Simpson (P), Craig Walters (P), Dave Coyle (P), Doug Hinton (O), George Trappell (P), James Hooke (P), Jason Buckley (P), Jason Townsend (P), John Styles (P), Kent Dew (P), Mark Tull (P), Michael Jones (O), Michael Townsend (P), Murray Taylor (P), Neil Anderson (P), Ray Styles (O), Scott Fisher (P), Shane Pritchard (P), Steve Daughtery (P), Steve Platt (P), Tim Brown (O), Tony Townsend (P), Wal Keppie (P), Wayne Troop (P), Wayne Vanderburg (P) Russell Gore (P) + (ET).
As you can see, some new faces and some old ones returning, which all should point to a good time had by everyone.
The Bank Hotel has been booked for Friday 25th February for our fundraising sportsman’s night. We are currently working on a guest for the night and will inform everyone when more information is available, but all everyone has to do at the moment is to lock the date into your calendar and harass your friends to come, as the more that are there the merrier the night.
A few of the squad have expressed interest in having a training run / get together before we go. A game of touch footy or tennis has been suggested followed by a BBQ, with 13th or 20th Feb possible dates. Let me know if you are interested and we will get it up and running.
Payments have been trickling through quite well so thanks to everyone, but we need everyone to fix up there remaining balance as soon as they can. I can’t give an exact price yet on what the cost will be as I’m still waiting on some accounts and playing around trying to get airfares for as cheap as we can but as a guide for now;
From Newcastle $500, no airflight $380, playing only $100. I’m sorry I can’t be more precise, but if everyone allows an extra $30 – $40 that will be all that’s required. Still a cheap trip when you consider we will be getting over $200 in merchandise all the rest. Can’t think of anything more at present, but will forward the draw and any important info when it becomes available. If you have any questions send me an email or give me a call.

Cheers Cyril

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