Vote on Next Years Jumpers

If you think that this years Jerseys are the best we have ever worn, and of course are Blue and represent our District bloody well when we play in Queensland next year, put a comment below and I will send to the powers that be. Meself, it was the first time I had played in the blue jumper of NSW in a match in Queensland since the Police cadets of NSW played the Qld Police cadets in the opening game before Queensland V NSW in 1977 at Lang Park.

The home of the Blues, Williams Valley. Yep. And, I use JR as the model for obvious reasons….

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One Response to Vote on Next Years Jumpers

  1. hookey says:

    Jumpers were great and many said they were the best on ground. Would be more than happy to be in blue again.

    One problem though; we saw how it set the Qld Redbacks off. Next time the opposition think its State of O could they give us some warning so we know to lift the tempo and unleash Coyley a bit earlier. We could also warn Buck not to run it up straight after a scrum.

    PS Pleeeeeease don’t use JR as a pin up boy. WE have to live with the consequences (although after he sees it you will probably be able to see his head from Qld).

    Only joking- love ya work Johnny, you’re a Dungog immortal!

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