Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hi All,

Last update and some important times for this year’s Masters.

Firstly some bad news. As per previous years we’ve overspent by about $500, due mainly to the airfares averaging $195 instead of the budgeted $150. So to offset this i’m going to have to hit all the “flyers” up for an extra $25. Other than that everything else is on track (I think).

So here goes with an rough itinerary;

Wednesday 7/3/12

11:30am               Bus to airport leaves Bank Hotel Dungog (price not included $25)

1:30pm                 Final check-in time for Newcastle to Brisbane flight

2:00pm                 Newcastle to Brisbane flights departs

2:10pm                 Arrive in Brisbane (must be a super jet)

4:00pm                 Check in at Grand Hotel

4:30pm                 Depart for Masters registration and welcoming dinner 9those that aren’t there on Wednesday can register on the day they arrive)

Thursday 8/3/12

11:30am               Bus leaves for ground

1:00pm                 1st game vs Dalby Diehard Legends

2:30pm                 2nd game vs Norfolk Mutineers (I have heard on the grapevine that Brian’s going to take that guy out that was in the paper. A bit of jealously I think)

4:00pm                 Bus leaves ground for the Grand

7:00pm                 Dinner at a yet to be selected restaurant (pay for your own drinks)

Friday 9/3/12

8:30am                 Light training run  (just joking – more like a check to make sure everyone’s still alive)

10:00am               Bus leaves for ground

10:45am               3rd game vs Middlemount Panthers Old Boys

12:15pm               4th game vs St Doms Old Boys

2:00pm                 Bus leaves ground for the Grand

5:30pm                 Bus leaves Grand for Tullys place (venue of this year’s BBQ)

Saturday 10/3/12

9:30am                 Bus leaves for ground

10:00am               5th game vs Jamberoo Greyroos

10:50am               Bus leaves ground for Grand

11:30am               Bus leaves Grand for races (I have 6 free entry’s and unless we cop a parking fine or have a crash we should be good to get everyone in $0)

6:00pm                 Bus from races back to ground for farewell dinner and prize draw

Sunday 11/3/12

9:00am                 Checkout of Grand – meet in Foyer

9:15am                 Bus leaves for Brisbane airport

11:25am               Brisbane to Newcastle flight departs

1:40pm                 Arrive in Newcastle (just what you want, a long flight home)

2:15pm                 Bus leaves Newcastle airport for Dungog

3:15pm                 Arrive at Bank Hotel Dungog (as long as we don’t stop at C/Town pub on the way home)

Well there it is, everything subject to change and nothing compulsory, but I do suggest that you make the flight times and try and get to the games.

If anyone’s wondering where the gear is, it’s going to up at the registration when we get there (I hope).

There’s not long now and to steal the lines form the immortal “Big Kev”;

I’M EXCITED and i’m sure everyone else is as well.

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